In Canary Film Sound, we have high-end professional equipment that meets the highest standards of quality for the current film industry.
We can face the most diverse configurations that new times require to the industry, and have ability to configure multiple simultaneous work units, all with the highest quality and guarantee.
As each project is unique, we can also expand our list to meet the required needs, with both, equipment and human resources, thanks to collaborating companies and technicians, in and out of the islands.
In short, our main equipment consists of:
-Recording With Sound Devices multitrack systems, all with TC, multiple sends and returns, versatility and excellent sound quality.
-Microphones of the most recognized and consolidated brands as Schoeps and Sennheiser, and all the necessary accessories to shoot in the most extreme conditions.
-Lectrosonics wireless systems of the highest range, considered worldwide as the most reliable.
– Listening wireless systems for clients, Script and Direction, or any other member of the team that needs to hear what is being done.
-Sound and TC synchronization systems for camera.
-Electronic clap, playback speakers and everything that does not directly relate to location sound recording, but is usually required to the sound department.
-Everything nimbly mounted on customized carts or bags to make portable sound recordings or to adapt to the various situations that arise in a shooting. Professional storage boxes and vehicles to move equipment and personnel autonomously.