About Us

Canary Film Sound is born in 2015, when Alayn Crespo and Angel Fraguela meet each other. Two location Sound for Film and TV professionals with broad experience in the field, on a national and international level. After many years being active separately in Barcelona and Madrid respectively, they establish themselves in the Canary Islands and decide to unite forces and experience in the same company.
Canary Film Sound has a delegation in each province, this way, transfers between islands are easier, as well as the possibility of providing different simultaneous sound units with the same quality standards.
“Our objective is to consolidate as a reference of the field in the Canary Islands, facilitating, both logistically and humanly, a professional, competitive and high-quality location sound for film and TV to any national or international production company that needs to develop an audiovisual project in the islands or any other place in the world.”