Specialists in location sound recording for film and television.
The desire and possibility of being able to offer a professional service of first line, with the highest standards of quality, both on a human and equipment scale, lead us to create this company dedicated to location sound for any type of audiovisual production based in the Canary Islands.
Our passion and professionalism are dedicated to location sound recording in film, television, documentaries and commercials. This adds to the ability to adopt the most diverse configurations according to each job, with the possibility of having several simultaneous sound units.
Our base in the Canary Islands, speeds any audiovisual production that wishes to enjoy the tax advantages which filming in the islands offer. With technicians of great trajectory, fiscally Canaries, and the logistic advantage of having all the necessary equipment in the islands (with the corresponding saving of equipment transfers, rent, ATA notebooks, tax, etc…). We present ourselves as a company that offers a great service and all the territorial advantages, but also, with the complete possibility of moving to film to anywhere in the world.